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Welcome to the Upscale Coffee
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We Deliver the Equipment you Need…at a Payment you can Afford

Thank you for your interest in our Jura super-automatic Commercial Espresso/Cappuccino machines. Upscale Coffee, powered by Navitas Credit Corp. helps you overcome limited budgets or cash flow challenges by offering you affordable payment plans to meet your equipment procurement needs. We provide the ability for our customers to procure our state of the art gas solutions with affordable monthly payment plans that can be customized to meet almost any budgeting need.

5 Steps to Financing Success

Get pre-approved in less than two hours! Our financing program, powered by Navitas Credit Corp., makes getting the capital you need as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. All you need to do is complete and submit your pre-approval application and we do all the rest.

5 Steps to Financing Success

Equipment financing provides many advantages and benefits that need to be considered before you utilize your cash, bank lines or credit cards. Here’s why more businesses are choosing financing as their preferred purchasing strategy:

Preserve Your Cash — Financing provides capital to support your equipment procurement objectives so that cash can be used for your more vital operating needs.

It's More Convenient — Fast credit decisions, less paperwork and simple documentation makes financing simple and easy.

Receive Tax Benefits — Depending on the structure of your company’s tax position; you may be able to deduct the full monthly payment.

Top 10 Reasons to Finance

Affordable Payment Plans
Our competitive rates make budgeting easy.
Simple Documentation
Easy to read, one page agreement.
Fast Responses
Credit decisions in less than two hours.
Flexible Rental Plans
Overcome budget obstacles with our 6 to 24 month rental options for qualifying products.
All-in-One Financing
Finance equipment, warrantees, service, delivery, and installation.
Flexible Terms
No money down, deferred payments, and 12 to 60 month repayment terms.


Navitas Credit Corp., our valued partner, has been delivering results driven financing for over 10 years. Once you decide financing meets your procurement needs, Navitas does all the work for you. We make acquiring your Upscale Coffee equipment simple and convenient. Just follow these five easy steps:
Step One:
Complete your online Express Credit Application.
Step Two:
In two hours or less you will receive a credit decision.
Step Three:
Upon approval, we will send pre-populated documents for signature.
Step Four:
Mail or Email or fax your signed paperwork.
Step Five:
We will pay Upscale Coffee on your behalf and commence your contract.


Upscale Coffee Financing Support
Financial Contact: Jim Coxon, your dedicated Upscale Coffee Financing Specialist
Contact Phone: 866.956.2848, ext. 110
Fax: 866.956.1262


To learn more about our Results Driven Financing programs contact your Financing Specialist at 866.956.2848 or email at We look forward to changing how you view the value of your financing partner.

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